Fire Pit Ranch

Bringing hope, guidance, and love to a generation longing for purpose.


Fire Pit Ranch (FPR) is a registered 501c3 non-profit charitable organization that finds its focus primarily on reaching fathers and their children, youth in need of direction, and leadership groups from churches, corporations, and the local schools.

What we're about

As a believer, being a difference-maker can present its challenges.


There are 2 things we all want to see happen with the kids in our community; we want them to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and to discover their purpose. 


However, there are 3 challenges that can hold us back from being that difference maker; time, money, and knowing where to start. We know the impact having a positive role model can have on kids. Currently, we have mentorship programs in the schools across Spartanburg county and are extending into Greenville throughout 2021.


We have a four-step process for our program; we identify the kids who need to be in the program by partnering with the school administration, counselors, and teachers. We equip them spiritually and intellectually, we inspire them by helping them discover their purpose, and empower them to be leaders amongst their peers.


In order for this to happen, we need your help. There are three ways you can get involved: pray, give, and serve.


Without your help, these kids will continue to slip through the cracks each year even though you have the opportunity to prevent it.


With your help, we can break a generational cycle and change the trajectory of a child’s life.


Stay up to date on all we're doing, stories that come from the ministry, and opportunities for you to get involved!